Rowing crews that have benefited from winter and spring training in Columbia include the University of Rhode Island, Georgetown, Michigan, Vanderbilt and Vassar.

Message to potential visiting crews:

I believe training in Columbia, South Carolina is very good quality… some of the best training water you will find anywhere. The Broad River is protected from wind from the west and east because it is a high tree line and high banked river…. (not an open body of water that can build up waves from across a body of water)…. Our section of the Broad River consist of two 2000 meter rowing straight-aways. It is ideal for detailed coaching instruction…. typically extremely calm water to get that nice solid catch that we all like to have in our rowing stroke.
Also the average high temperatures in the winter of about 55 degrees. If you are lucky you may get those nice 70 degree days that I personally enjoy about living in South Carolina.

I hope you will join us for the experience.